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Justin and Tyler (from Missisaugi) doing... absolutely nothing. Tyler looks kind of evil tho... (btw this picture Copyright Sudbury YMCA 2001-2002)

I don't think Catlin and Drew knew I was putting this on the site... oh well, too bad for them. hehehe... This is somewhere on the beach near the beginning of the session.

Jess on her bunk with Matt's hat... we constantly stole the guys' hats over the first week just for the hell of stealing their hats. Bah.

I got Drew to pose for a normal picture... he doesnt have makeup on in this one (thank God!) I think he had just finished swimming or something. He was in Gowan with Devon, Matt, and all those other people.

This is Catlin, Devon's younger brother... you wouldn't think he's going into grade 7, he looks a lot older! But we could still tease him about his age. hehehe...

Kela posing for the camera in our cabin... I think this was just before banquet.

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Copyright 2002 Steph
All rights reserved.