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Kryssy giving me attitude before she went up the vertical playpen... I think I was making fun of the way she looked in the harness (which, btw (and so she doesnt kill me), everyone looks funny in)

Devon outside the dining hall laughing at something... he could be almost as bad a sKela when he laughed

To give you an idea of the sort of stuff we did at JIC (if you've never been there), here's Devon going up the hard side of the vertical playpen (I made it up both sides... booya!)

Now for the couples... The rest of played matchmaker and hooked these guys up. We were all sitting at the table near the Gaga ball court, so, me being me, I took the opportunity 2 take couples shots =) Kryssy and Matt are above, Devon and Kela are below.

Our counsellors (Allie and Steph) and Sheena, our Norquay (CIT), posing. We dressed them up as bullies/wiggers for dressup dinner... but Robin (greenway) should have been more offended that most of what they're wearing is his. hmm...

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