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Eli again... he looks exactly like a little girl! It was hilarious!

Drew let us put makeup on him and do his nails after the pciture on the last page... He spent the whole banquet like this. We even gave him a pushup bra and stuffed it with socks! I couldn't stop laughing at him.

This a pic of most of our friends on Gowan's porch... some weren't there, but some people I didnt really know slipped in there too, so it evens out =) Note the 3rd and 4th from the left in the back row, they're turning to moon whoever's taking the pictures.

This is my whole cabin. Sabrina's the top left one, Allie's beside her, I'm under Allie, Grenko's under Sabrina, Miranda's under Grenko, Jess is beside Miranda, Maxine's beside Jess, Kryssy's under Maxine, and Kela's at the bottom. Confused yet?

This is what my bag looked like from above (I took this pic looking down from my bunk)

This is a pic of Jess being afraid of Maxine and Miranda beside the Gaga ball court. I really don't blame her.

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