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This is a pic of a bunch of us from Shickluna and Darch and either Tern or Aird cabins before banquet... from left to right: Maxine, Kryssy, Renée, Kela, me, Aziza, Solana, Miranda, Sam, Sabrina

Solana, Esha and Aziza (Esha and Aziza are sisters) just after banquet on the guys' side. Solana and Aziza were in Darch, and Esha was a Greenway.

Brittney and Renée at banquet, I really have no idea what cabin they were in, but hey.

<- Kela before banquet.... she said she wanted to make a grand entrance. And she did, in her own way lol

This is Itchi (Isidro), one of the 3 mexican boys at the 3 week session (the other two were Bernardo and Santiago... they were unbelievably cute!)->

Now for the guys. Drew and Eli let the girls dress them up as girls for banquet. Eli looks a bit feminine with his hair already tho =) There are more pics of them on the next page... when Drew has his makeup on.

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