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This is a great pic of Jess! She brought her sunglasses on outtrip, and then let her hair get poofy (when she wets it and lets it dry without gel, she gets a fro)

Kryssy just outside a tent on 3rd beach, with her usual (occasional) huge smile.

These are our counsellors Steph (Grenko) and Allie posing on the rock on Gowan Island.

Miranda still being attacked by a duck. She was trying to set a record for staying in the water the longest (she was the only one in there for about an hour and 15 minutes... we played charades with her from the shore)

This is what happens to you when you eat too much of that cheesecake... (Miranda wanted a "dead" picture of her after the duck attack)

And here's what you've been waiting for... ME! This was taken just before banquet in the cabin, that's why it's kinda dark.

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