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Last year on my outtrip, I carved/chipped/pounded my name into a rock at Davin's point. This year, we ended up staying there again for one night, and so I took a picture of it. Kewl eh?

This is my whole cabin on outrrip (still at Davin's Point), we were hungry and waiting for our counsellors to make us food.

This is on 3rd beach, where we spent our third night on outtrip. From left to right: Maxine, Jess, Krystina (at bottom), Kela, and Miranda. They drew on themselves with charcoal to give themselves "body hair"... but it wouldnt come off right away in the water, and Miranda still had a bit of a mustache the next day =)

This is on Gowan island. We spent our 2nd night on outtrip there. Jess (note the huge hair), me and Krystina are posing, and Miranda's pretending to be attacked by a duck.

This Steph Grenko, our counsellor, eating lazy cheesecake. This is just to give you an idea of the kind of food we ate on outtrip... Actually, this was the most disgusting thing we had to eat, the rest was pretty good!

This is where we ate and put all our food and stuff on Gowan.

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