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Here are some links to my friends' sites, and ones that i just think are cool. If yours isn't here, and it should be, then e-mail me at

The Cheese Shack
Teija's site, of course! Very cool, and oh so funny! But don't forget to see what she wrote about me (and no, you don't wanna know about the rabid albino mold-bears)

Katie's Page
Katie's site, you have to check out "Milk Moments" or I will personally kill you (but if no one explains them to you, you'll never get it... hehehe) very cool as well

Stevo's House
Now, this one really sucks (just kidding Steve) Read the stories section (How earthquakes came to be) and the starbucks story, the rest of it makes absolutely no sense. Still funny though.

Mandi's Magic Manic Mansion of Mal-Mannored Mooses
Mandi's site, you gotta love this! Except a lot of the pictures won't show up on my browser... meh, check it out anyways, very cool!

The Creatures Community
Since I'm gonna put up a page about Creatures, I figured i should probably put a link to the main creatures page. If you've never owned or played any of the games, this site will utterly confuse you and make you wonder about my sanity =) But seriously, try downloading Docking Station. This game is really addictive, but amazingly fun!

John Island Camp Website
Not that anyone's going to visit it, but hey, I figured I should pay tribute to the place I spend a good part of my summer at. The site's okay, there are some nice pics (one of them has a freaky-looking guy with an eight pack, kinda weird but funny!)

The Sims
The main Sims website. Check it out, if you don't already have one of the Sims games, it might just inspire you to buy one =)

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