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Here is where random pics of my friends are. I'll add more after I get back from JIC. In the meantime, SEND ME PICS! I don't have many, and I don't have pics of everyone. just send em to, but make sure the files aren't too big.

Megan with chicken pox. Scary, isn't she?

Another one... she's gonna kill me for this =)(Don't worry meg, I'll put some normal pics up of you... eventually)

This is Steve... gotta love the red hair! (How can you not?)

Steve playing the drums, pre-dye job.
A message from Steve: That is not my drumset, it's some punk-ass kid from Elliot Lake's.
These are some random pics of Teija (that's DAY-UH) that I stole off her website... and YES Teija you ARE beautiful! Her and Meg and some other people not yet on here are my fav gurls. Actually, Steve could be one of them too... ^_^
This is the pic Meg sent me to make up for the pox pics... when she sent it to me, I told her that she looked like one of those shrunken apple heads that artsy ppl make... but i was just kidding, you know that, eh meg? meg?

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