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My whole cabin! (Yes, they made us wear the stupid JIC shirts)

<- This is Devon and one of his drawings (I was bored, so I took random pictures of people)

Jill and Kiki. They are awesome! (Note Kiki's duct tape bracelet... those are what made her famous)->

Jill, Smiley (Matt) and Drew. Smiley and Drew are going back to JIC this year (yay), it's gonna be the best! You envy me, you know you do =)

<-These are the gurls I'm going to JIC with this year, none other than Kela and Krystina!!! (Maxine too, but i couldn't find any pics of her)

And here's the one and only - dun dun dunnnn - ME! It's an amazingly crappy pic, but the best one I have scanned at the moment (and hey, how would YOU look after 2 weeks on an island, and only 2 showers?) ->

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